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Unbox, build & battle all-new dinos with 5 Surprise Dino Strike Color Change. Unbox the new mystery capsule to find one of 13 diabolical Dinosaurs. Assemble your Dinosaur toy and get ready to face off in an epic Dino battle! Attach the protective armor and fireable weapon to blast ammo up to 5 feet / 1.5m away! Each Dino comes with epic color changing abilities and articulated movement! There are 13 Dinos to collect including the rare Tri Blaster, Wreck Rex, and Skelosaur whose skeletal bodies color change. Youll have to be game to tame these dinosaurs!
5 Layers of Surprise: Unbox, Build and Battle all new 5 Surprise Dino Strike dinosaur toy with color changing action!
Build and Battle: Build the ultimate battling dinosaur equipped with color changing abilities, protective armor, and real firing weapons.
Dino Battle: These Dinosaurs come equipped with epic fireable weapons that shoot up to 5 ft / 1.5 m away!
13 Dinos to Collect: Collect all 13 Dinosaurs for the ultimate color changing battle!
Pack Inclusions: 1x Ready to build Dino; 1x Weapon; 1x Dino armor 1x Collector's guide
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