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Learn all about the science of amusement parks with this incredible kit! Amusement Park Science will give you everything you need to create your own amusement park! In this educational, make-it-yourself kit, you'll learn the science behind the fun! Amusement parks are fun and exciting and sometimes even a little scary. You know what else they are? Science labs! How do roller coasters go up and down? How do swings fly through the air? How do carousels spin? What makes bumper cars glide across the floor? These wild rides use science to do things that amaze us and are unexpected.


Science is a fun, wild ride! Learn what makes bumper cars hover, why a carousel can go round and round, and how a roller coaster can go upside down and stay on the track. Discover the secrets of gravity, friction and more!


What you'll get:

  • 4 balloons
  • metal ball
  • roller coaster assembly
  • magnetic wand
  • hex nut, string, washers
  • 2 piece swing canopy with disc and labels
  • dowel rod and tubing
  • bumper car discs and labels
  • 4 foam bumpers
  • 2 water bottle caps
  • instruction sheet

 Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Discover the secrets of gravity, friction and more!
  • Experiment with potential and kinetic energy.
  • Discover what makes swings rise and roller coasters go up and down.

Warning: choking hazard Small part. Not for children under 3 years of age

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