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Super Fun Stretchy Bands!

  • Make cool bracelets and necklaces.
  • Squishy touch-and-feel material.
  • Share them with friends
  • Easy to clean!

Bubble Band Party

Invite your friends and have an awesome time building and sharing your Bubble Jewellery! 

Think, Build, Wear!

Style your bands with endless creations, combine, mix and match or make with solid colors. Bubble Bands are stretchable and durable. You can even make cool hairstyles!

Stretch, Gummy, Fun

  • Many colours included, make patterns, shapes, bendy animals and letters. No limit to how much fun you can have!
  • Easy to carry on your wrist, fun to wear and bright!, play and share with friends. Easy to clean.

 Bubble Bands come with 10 C clasps. Connect them or throw them at targets and practice your aim!


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