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  • Wilder Wings Pixies have the most stunning, large fabric wings! Every Pixie is different, featuring bold patterns and colors on her wings that match her unique style!
  • The clear lid on the Pixies Wilder Wings egg hints at who’s inside! Each Pixie comes hidden, wrapped in her wings. Crack the heart, lift the lid and your Pixie’s wings pop open!
  • Each Wilder Wings Pixie includes 2 accessories and has her own style, like disco, boho and more! With her trendy outfit, glittery hair and poseable head, she’s so fabulous!
  • There’s a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll find an exclusive sparkly pink heart ring inside your Pixie’s egg for you to wear! Slide it on and sparkle like your Pixie! For ages 5 and up.