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How do you make an image of any human being on the planet by using just one jigsaw puzzle? With Jigpix

How does it work?
Using the Jigpix Puzzle app, free to download both on Android and iOS devices, take a picture of the person you want to turn into a jigsaw.

 Press ‘Convert’ for the apps algorithm to calculate and deliver a pixelated image of that picture. This new pixelated image is created from the Jigpix puzzle pieces used to build the main picture on the respective Jigpix design.

 Follow the Jigpix Emoji DNA map, laying the Jigpix puzzle pieces down, on the included lay down assembly grid, to bring the picture to life.
Every Jigpix puzzle piece is an identical size and shape, enabling it to interlock with every other Jigpix puzzle piece in unlimited combinations.

The 520 Jigpix pieces are split into 6 colour categories and every piece features a unique Emoji on its reverse, enabling the user to identify the correct piece and the orientation in which it needs to be used. As a further guide the coloured front of each Jigpix puzzle piece has a transparent Emoji printed on top that matches the Emoji on the reverse. To see this transparent Emoji hold the Jigpix puzzle piece at a slight angle so that it reflects in the light.

The Emoji DNA map matches the lay down assembly grid showing the user where to place the Jigpix piece and which way to orientate it.

 The Jigpix Puzzle app works with all Android devices and with iPhone models 5 and onwards. It is therefore useable by 96% of the smartphone universe. It is also FREE to download and inside each puzzle box is a unique code that unlocks the apps functionality for the specific design.