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Let Minnie put on a show with her dazzling lights! Simply press the Bow Glow Minnie Doll and watch as her bow lights up giving your little one a fun and special friend.

Press Minnie's left hand to see her bows twinkle and to hear her talk. Ages 3+.

Minnies 9 Phases are:

  • "With you around, today is going to be the sparkliest day ever"
  • "Peek-a-bow"
  • "Here we glow, it's all about the bow"
  • "Polka dots are always in style"
  • "A dress that glows is fun you know"
  • "How Bow-tiful hahahaha"
  • "Hello there, I'm Minnie Mouse. Did you know my bow can glow?"
  • "Oh look, everything is so sparkly"
  • "Twinkle tinkle little bow, it's so much fun when you can glow"


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