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The Dinosaur kite is a beautifully printed, fantastic flyer. It is super easy to assemble (it takes about 5 seconds) and is really, really easy for kids to fly….just hold it to the wind and up it goes.

These little deltas are incredibly stable…..they will maintain a steady position in the sky in winds that other kites types would give up on. This stability comes from the wide long tail flowing out behind it. Like all deltas, it will fly in fairly light winds and is a real crowd pleaser.

The Dinosaur kite is made with double printed nylon ripstop sailcloth and is framed with 3mm fibreglass rods. These are very, very strong and will last for years and years. Although a small delta, the Dinosaur kite is incredibly stable in a wide wind range because of it’s long, wide tail. These long-tail deltas are our biggest selling style of kite.

It’s a great little flyer and is one of our bigger sellers. Would you like to see one flying? Check out this video here.

Kite Type:

Delta kites are single string kites for children and they are very well suited to light winds. This light wind ability comes from a big sail area which generates lots of ‘lift’ to get the kite up nice and high. To keep deltas nice and steady in the air as the wind picks up, we have long tails on them and these tails give the deltas ‘drag’ which keeps them stable in stronger winds.

A fairly modern design, deltas have only been around for about 80 years, no where near as long as diamond shapes that go back thousands of years. Kids love flying deltas because they are easy to fly, they fly in light winds and stat up nice and steady in medium winds.  

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