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 Roll into adventure on these roller skates! 
Dress your dolls in the retro button-up waitress uniform. The pale-yellow uniform dress with red and white accents reminds us of ketchup and mustard – the perfect colors for a retro hotdog! Put on the finishing touches, a matching red cap and belt apron, and lace up the adorable retro roller skates to help your doll zip around the drive-in restaurant delivering her orders on time. Would you like fries with that? This Deluxe outfit comes with a miniature basket of fries, an order pad and pencil, a vintage-style bottle of cola, a serving tray, and miniature doll ketchup and mustard bottles. This charming retro look is great in any era, and style is the main ingredient!

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OG Girls are going places! Inspiring dolls with empowering stories. Hip and trendy outfits with amazing accessories. OG dolls are meant to be an inspiration to the girls of this generation. With a good heart and wholesome values, the OG dolls are exploring, learning, and enjoying their time together. Their biggest dream is to make the world around them a little better.

Amazing accessories, stylish clothes and caring friendships make Our Generation a great choice for your child. These sets are made to encourage your little one’s imagination! Take their play pattern to the next level with these amazing large and small accessory sets!

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