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Build and bash, heave and haul – imagination does it all! This construction toy for boys and girls ages 3 and up makes it even more fun to get creative. These 2 mighty front-end loader and excavator toy trucks feature their own giggle-worthy ways to shape and create all kinds of construction-themed shapes like rocks, hard hats, and shovels. The 3 non-toxic Play-Doh colours each come in 56g cans and one of them contains awesome Play-Doh Sand Buildin Compound. It's just like the squishy Play-Doh compound we all know and love but with gritty specks mixed in to look like sand. This and other Play-Doh Wheels toys make the perfect gift for truck-loving preschoolers to get them engaged in creative activities with Play-Doh compound! (Other Play-Doh Wheels playsets sold separately.)

  • The front loader and excavator toy construction vehicles include lots of fun ways to get creative with non-toxic Play-Doh compound
  • This construction set comes with 56g of Play-Doh Sand Buildin' Compound – it's just like the quality Play-Doh compound we all know and love with specks mixed in to look like sand
  • Shape the Play-Doh Sand compound into rocks with the mold inside the excavator's shovel
  • Press Play-Doh compound through the front loader’s bucket to create building beams and logs. Both trucks can also roll tire tracks into Play-Doh compound for more rough 'n rumble fun!
  • Toy Includes : Excavator Truck, Front End Loader Truck, 3x Cans of Play Doh Compound (2x 56g Modelling, 1x 56g Sand Buildin')

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