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CLARK 48cm


Is your surname "CLARK" or do you know someone with this name? You possibly do, as at the time of writing, it is the 27th most common surname in the United Kingdom! If yes, then this could be the perfect bear to choose. 

This handsome and distinguished panda is irrisistable, as he has an amazing long-pile plush coat in shades of dark grey and taupe, which has been gently trimmed on the end of his paws to give a tufted look and to show them off. His big feet have grey sculpted and stitched pads, that have some airbrushing for added detail. His bold muzzle has been shaved to show his two-tone hand-stitched nose and mouth, which compliment the fur and his dark eyes are backed with white felt for lots of soulful expression and have the typical panda eye patches. He wears a very fetching, cosy scarf and this completes his look nicely.

This collectable panda will melt a lot of hearts and if you love this style, then you will probably like MILLERwho is paired with him.

Clark is from the Charlie Bears 2020 Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris


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