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Available for Pre-Order now! This bear is due to arrive with us in Q3, July to September. It will be shipped out to you as soon as we receive it!

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Charlie Bears Gummidge is made for the 2020 Everything is Pawfect Collection.
Wurzel Gummidge is a British-New Zealand children's sitcom, that began in 1979, based on books by the English author Barbara Euphan Todd. Jon Pertwee played Wurzel Gummidge, who is a walking, talking scarecrow, that lived in Ten Acre Field. He had a collection of interchangeable heads and he had his own language called Worzelese, with famous catchphrases such as "a cup o' tea a slice o' cake", "I'll be bum-swizzled" and "Boccy Mcoo". He was madly in love with Aunt Sally, a vain, cruel-hearted, rosy-cheeked fairground doll, who thought that she was far too good for him.

The mid-brown and fudge-coloured fur is long, wavy and wild and looks like it needs a good brush. The muzzle looks slightly mottled, with a big hand-stitched nose and mouth and dark eyes peep out from under the fur.
The paws are stitched and a lace collar is a great accessory.

Look out for PERTWEE, who is a larger version of this bear.

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