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Rules of Play

Hang up the Hookey board and you are eady to play! Hookey can be played in two basic ways. Fix the board about 1.5m off the ground. Players stand about 1.7m back from the board and throw the rubber rings at the numbered hooks. To determine who goes first, six rings are thrown. The highest scorer starts and the other players follow in socring order.

Standard Hookey Game

Each player takes a turn at throwing the six rings, one at a time. The numbers ringed are added up for the score.

If you get all six rings on the boards in succession, you are allowed another throw.

The first player to reach a score of 101 (or a higher score agreed on before the game) wins the match.

Players must throw the exact number to complete their score. if the game is over at, say, 101, and you reach 99, you must score the remaining two ponts exactly to win.

If you exceed the two required, you lose the same number in points that exceed the two.

Round the Clock Hookey

In this game, the numbers must be scored consecutively from one to 13. The first player to reach 13 wins.

In the Box:

  • 1 x Hookey Boards
  • 13 x Steel Hooks
  • 6 x Rubber Rings

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