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Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web Strike 2-in-1 Feature Vehicle is 2 vehicles in one! Press down on the back of the vehicle to launch the cycle into action – the front end of the vehicle splits open!

It's Spidey Time! Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends follows the adventures of the Super Hero Spidey and all his heroic friends! Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales: Spider Man all have super spider-powers: spider-sense, super-strength, wall-crawling, and more! Each brings something unique to their crime-fighting adventures, making them even stronger when they're working together as the amazing Spider Team! But even the best team sometimes needs a helping hand that's when it's good to have allies like Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and even Hulk! It's hard being a Super Hero, but it helps when you have such Amazing Friends!

Stopping bad guys and crawling walls Team Spidey does it all!

Suitable for ages: 3+ years.

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