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Hien I-type

  • Length: 187mm, Width: 250mm.
  • Faithfully modeled the elegant style of the I-type with its extended nose, sleek fuselage, and stretchy main wings.
  • Inverted V-type 12-cylinder Ha40 engine has been recreated with auxiliary equipment such as the supercharger.
  • The 20mm cannon, magazine and oil tank in front of the cockpit are also included. You can feel the tight layout.
  • The shape of the current plate in front of the cooler is the same as the actual model.
  • You can choose to open or close the windshield.
  • Includes 2 drop tanks, 1 seated pilot figure, and markings for the 244th Sentai Commander Kobayashi's machine and Lieutenant Takashima's machine.


  • Total length 75mm.
  • Modeled with a unique rounded style.
  • The 3-seat interior, 4-wheel drive suspension, and large-diameter tires are all included to create a three-dimensional finish.
  • You can choose to display the hood either unfolded or folded.
  • The star mark on the front grill is reproduced by combining the inlet mark and decals.
  • A set of standing officer and driver figures.
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