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Hunny Bunny

2020 Charlie Bear Plush Collection A Fluffle Of Bunnies
Did you know that a group of bunnies is also sometimes called a fluffle, which is exactly what Charlie has created for you... are you ready for your fluffle fix?

Charlie Bears Hunny Bunny rabbit is made of high quality, velvety soft mid-brown, honey and white coloured fur that has lots of white tipping and you will be amazed at how soft she is when you run your hands through her dense plush fur. Her amber pupil eyes and peach hand-stitched nose and mouth stand out from the white face and her light paw pads are stitched. The lovely long lop ears have dark brown tips and are perfect for playing with. She has a fluffy tail and pretty, delicate pink and yellow accessories, which suit her really well and finish off the look of this beautiful girlie bunny.

Hunny Bunny measures at 36cm high 

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