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Hello, I'm a heavy vehicle carrier. I transport vehicles everywhere! Load up let’s move out! This 2-in-1 car carrier includes 2 mini vehicles and will carry up to 5 full sized Toot-Toot cars. Raise the zig-zag ramp and launch the cars down through the trap door and out the back of the carrier! Press the light up face button to trigger fun phrases, songs and engine sounds. Press the feature button to see the exhaust vibrate! Also features manipulative walkie talkie and gears. Includes 2 SmartPoint recognition sensors that play phrases and sounds when triggered. Activate the motion sensor for fun sounds and cheerful melodies.

Includes 2 mini vehicles. Launch the cars down the zig-zag ramp through the trap door! Light up face button & feature button trigger phrases, songs, sounds and movement!

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