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Think that science for kids is boring? Think again! The Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Science Experiments kit contains everything you need to make your own slime, fart putty and bouncing balls. Ideal learning gifts for kids, this fun science experiments kit will teach them all about 'force = mass x acceleration', non-Newtonian fluids, long chain polymers, cross linked gels and calcium being a bonding agent.

Watch them learn as they create cool science games such as tadpole soup, real looking guts, slimy monsters and more! This fantastic kit contains will cover certain topics of physics and chemistry for kids in a way they will understand.

The Wild Physics and Cool Chemistry Laboratory is a box of fun science games for children! Create fart putty, bouncing balls, slime, tadpole soup, real looking guts and goo, slimy monsters and more! Includes detailed instruction booklet Great science gifts for ages 10 to 100! Kids science experiments will get them away from the telly and ready for learning! Physics for kids has never been so fantastic!