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The easy to make Worm Farm is a scientific recreation of a real underground habitat of worms. It gives fascinating insight into this truly amazing world! Worms make great pets; they are clean, easy to keep and cost next to nothing to feed. Watch worms going about their daily routines. Grow in a mini garden for them, see them eating and tunneling. You too could make ground breaking discoveries in the science of Oligochaetology. This kit provides hours of fun and is a 'must have product' for the young naturalist. Build it, and add worms to make the Worm Farm come to life!

  • Discover the Amazing Secrets of Worms
  • Learn how Worms help plants to grow
  • Observe the life of Worms and their role in Planet Management.

Contents: Worm Farm bottle with screw-top lid and 2 x mesh inserts, card privacy screen, stabilising base moulding, pipette, tweezers, red & yellow coloured sands, colour instructions.

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